Sunday, June 7, 2015

Blog Post #4

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 Asking and answering questions, tells me teachers ask questions for several purposes and for that reason they may formulate their questions in various ways. In reading, Asking questions, it states that asking questions is a natural way of communication but also an important tool in which most teachers have at their disposal. Every question demands a response. There are different types of questions. One type is display questions, these are designed to elicit learners' prior knowledge and to check comprehension. Another type of question is referential questions. These require the learner to provide information, give an opinion, explain or clarify.

Project #15

  • WolframAlpha is not a search engine, it's an engine for computing answers and providing knowledge. It works by using its vast store of expert-level knowledge and algorithms to automatically answer questions, do analysis and generate reports. WolframAlpha is a great engine for mathematical problems and answers, in my opinion. New to Wolfram|Alpha?, is a great way to learn more about the engine.
  • Dogpile is a search engine that fetches results from Google, Yahoo! and Yandex. Dogpile was created to return all the best results, from different search engines, faster. About Dogpile, teaches you more about the search engine. It's actually quite easy, you just type exactly what you are looking for in the search box. You would use Dogpile if you wanted to see which site had the best results without actually using more than one site. 
  • Duckduckgo is a search engine similar to Google there are little things that makes this search engine different. Duckduckgo has features like 'zero-click' information, meaning all your answers are found on the first results page. helps to clarify what question you are really asking and the ad spam is much less than  Google. I like the different features it has and I'm going to start using this search engine more.
  • Bing is the second most popular search engine today. Bing used to be MSN search until it was updated in 2009. Known as a 'decision engine' , Bing tries to support your researching by offering suggestions in the leftmost column. It also gives you various search options across the top of the screen. Things like 'wiki' suggestions, 'visual search', and 'related searches' might be useful to you.
  • Yippy is a Deep Web engine that searches other web engines. Deep Web pages are usually harder to find by conventional search. That's why Yippy is very useful. If you are searching for obscure hobby interest blogs, obscure government information, tough-to-find obscure news or academic research, then Yippy is your tool!
  • Webopedia is one of the most useful websites on the world wide web. Webopedia is an encyclopedic resource dedicated to searching techno terminology and computer definitions. It is absolutely a perfect resource for non-technical people, much like myself, to make more sense of the computers around them. 
  • Yahoo! is several things: it is a search engine, a news aggregator, a shopping center, an emailbox, a travel directory, a horoscope and game center, and more. This web portal makes this a very helpful site for Internet beginners. Searching the web should also be about discovery and exploration, and Yahoo! delivers that in wholesale quantities. 
  • Mahalo is one 'human-powered' search site employing a committee of editors to manually sift and vet thousands of pieces of content. This means that you'll get fewer Mahalo hit results than you get at Bing or Google. It also means that most Mahalo results have a higher quality of content and relevance.
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C4T Post #1

In the blog, Want Creative Classrooms? Scrap the Tests., John Spencer talks about how most people think teachers just show movies at the end of the year. He mentions that it's not like that at his school. There are children bursting with energy, testing paper airplanes and putting final touches on their movies. He also mentions that four weeks ago the school was totally different. Teachers and students were stressed prepping for standardized test. Spencer believes that if we take testing away you will see schools developing. I replied with the comment, " I like the idea of taking testing away. In my opinion, kids aren't learning because they want to learn but because they have to learn to pass standardized test. Without the enforcement of test they would be open to becoming more creative and actually wanting to learn. Children are more motivated towards the end of year because the stress of being forced to learn is over. "

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In the blog post, What happens to student engagement when you take away grades?, talks about what happens to student engagement when you take away grades. His answer in one word is nothing. He mentions that students are still going to have distractions. They may not be distracted by things in class, but things in the world. Some are going to be bored and some are going to hungry. He says with the lack of grades you would think students wouldn't care about the work. That's not true, students who want to learn and are willing to learn will learn whether grades are involved or not. I replied with the comment, "When asked, "What happens to student engagement when you take away grades?", my answer would have definitely been the same! I believe that nothing changes. Children who don't want to learn will not put any effort towards learning whether you're grading them or not. Then there will be students who want to learn no matter the circumstances. 

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Blog Post #3

Peers are people in your age group, sometimes your friends or classmates. Editing is correcting someone's work. Peer editing is a great way to learn from your mistakes. In my opinion, when critiques come from your peers, it's a lot easier to deal with and fix the problem. In the video and slideshow What is peer editing? and Peer edit with perfection tutorial, I learned that there are three steps to peer editing. The first step is compliments. You don't want to discourage them and compliments are the best way to do that. The second step is suggestions, offering them a little advise is always helpful. The third and final step is corrections. Make sure you correct their mistakes so they know what they're doing wrong and will be able to correct themselves in the future.
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In watching, Writing Peer review top 10 mistakes, I learned that there are so many critique errors. When trying to correct someone you should take the time to actually tell them what they are doing wrong. You shouldn't offend anyone when correcting their work. Peer editing can be a great way to help someone but it can also be very cruel if you don't care about what you're doing.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Blog Post 2

Mr. Dancealot I feel like the central message of this video was to say all teachers are not cut out to be teachers. Some just do it for a check or to be off during the summer. He made a case by showing that in the end the students knew nothing because thy weren't properly taught. I don't agree with people becoming teachers who are not cut out for it.

  Teaching in the 21st century. I honestly watched this video twice and got nothing out of it. I'm not sure if it was because there wasn't any talking but could not concentrate on this video at all. Sorry.

  The networked student As the video was saying the internet basically teaches us everything we need to know. I feel like we need teachers, because we are always gone need that role model or actual person to help us. Teachers are very important in helping us because everything we read on the internet is not true.

  Harness your students' digital smarts I agree with her, yet I somewhat disagree with her. My agreement is that I think kids do learn better when they are surrounded by things they are used to such as, computers, tablets and cellphones. My disagreement is that children were capable of learning when these things didn't exist so still would be able to.

  Who's ahead in the learning race? I honestly think that elementary students are ahead in the learning race. I wasn't even aware of google docs until I entered the EDM310 class. It amazes me how someone only in kindergarten may be more technologically up to date than I am.

  Flipping the classroom I've never heard of flipping the classroom but I think the idea is brilliant. I think it will help when I become a teacher but it allows children to see it before hand come to class already prepared and full of questions!


Blog Post 1

I've actually never heard of this class before I signed up for it. That's mostly because this is only my second semester at South Alabama. My number one fear of this class is to forget to submit something by its due date. There are so many things to accomplish in so little time. Eight weeks is definitely not enough time to complete these things in my opinion. Edm310 seems like it might be a little more complicated than any computer course I've taken so far. Other computer courses were just about Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. In Edm310, you have to create a blog and read other blogs. The most difficult thing about this course, in my opinion, is trying to learn everything in eight weeks. A way to address this is by coming to class and checking the checklist master everyday. So far in this course I understand everything we have gone over and I'm excited about taking this class.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Practice Blog Post

  1. Where I have lived ?
    1. Mobile
    2. Riverdale
  2. Major interest...
    1. Tennis
    2. Baking
  3. Why South?
    1. close
  4. Personal Info
    1. Siblings
    2. My child

    My name is Tyneisha Newkirk. I have only lived in two places my whole life, Alabama and Georgia. I have two major interest. The first one is tennis; I love tennis because it's a great way to exercise while still having fun. I am better on my forehand side but my back hand isn't to bad as well. My other major interest is baking. I love making cakes, cupcakes, candy, candy apples and more!
    I chose to attend south mainly because it was close to home. I had also heard it was a great school! I am the oldest of  five children. I have two brothers and 2 sisters. I will also be expecting my first child in August. Can you say excited!?
   I want to become an educator because I love kids and I can't wait to make a difference in someone's life. When I think educator, since I will be K-6, I think of someone who teaches while also caring; someone who's a mentor and role model.